Power Washing Tips – How to Make Your Windows Clear

The right power washer can make your windows clear of any dirt, grime or mold buildup. This can help improve your home’s appearance and enhance curb appeal, as well as increase its property value if you ever decide to sell or lease it.

The best way to use a power washer is with cleaning agents that safely remove contaminants. These cleaners work by attracting and dissolving the contaminants on your surfaces, so they can be rinsed away with a safe amount of pressure.

Be sure to only use the pressure that the machine’s manufacturer recommends, and to keep your eyes on the power-washing area at all times during the cleaning process. If the water nozzle hits any object that’s unable to withstand the force, it can cause damage.

You should also avoid pointing the nozzle at any people, plants or animals. If you’re not careful, this can cause injuries, so always be safe around your home while power washing.

It’s also a good idea to move all furniture, appliances and other items away from your carpet or hardwood flooring before you start. This will prevent them from slipping and sliding during the cleaning process, and will also keep them out of harm’s way while the work is being done.

Before starting to wash, clean the hose of any debris that may be caught in the spray head. If you’re using a professional-grade power washer, it will come with a cleaning wand that allows you to control the angle and flow of the water. This makes it easier to get the job done.

To ensure that you don’t accidentally damage your windows, remove any curtains and blinds before you begin the process of power-washing. The high pressure levels from the nozzle can easily break these items, so it’s important to take them down before you start washing.

For added safety, place a barrier between your windows and the nozzle to protect them from splashes of water. This can include plastic sheeting or a large piece of cardboard or similar material.

You should try to move the nozzle back and forth in even strokes to minimize water damage to the surface of your windows. The nozzle should be placed about six feet away from the window and the power-washing area to avoid splashing water on the window itself.

If you’re cleaning windows on a large scale, consider hiring an expert to perform the task for you. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your home and save time.

Your local pressure washing professionals has the knowledge and training to do the job correctly, without damaging your home or landscaping. They can also use specialized equipment and cleaning products that are designed to restore the look of your home.

In most areas, it’s recommended to power-wash your home every few months to keep up with grime and buildup. The more frequently you do this, the less likely it is that your house will require extensive repairs or maintenance in the future.